Fidelity Tool Building The year was 1986. The Chicago Bears defeated the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XX. The country mourned over the Space Shuttle Challenger tragedy and Top Gun was the number one movie of the year. And, in a single-car garage, the son of a bottle-making technician launched Fidelity Tool and Mold. Years later, Jim Vassar's original vision still remains: to combine the strong work ethic learned from his father with an innovative approach to mold technology.
With more than 20,000 square feet and a full staff of engineers and technicians, Fidelity continues to produce blow mold solutions of exceptional quality that meet the individual needs of each customer. We invest heavily in research and development. We communicate with customers beyond their expectations. And we strive to produce tooling that will help customers sustain their business more profitably and efficiently.
We offer:
•   Full-range of mold services
•   Targeted customer programs
•   Turnkey solutions
•   Advanced 3-D technology
•   Retrofitting of existing equipment
•   Partnership in our approach to relationships
Fidelity's 6-Points-to-the-Finish Process
1.   RFQ presented within 48 hours of request
2.   Delivery established day of purchase order/authorization
3.   Specifications reviewed
4.   Progress reports provided continuously to customer
5.   Tooling delivered on schedule
6.   Modifications made and follow-up service provided
25th Anniversary Seal
Made with Pride in the USA