Industries served
Personal Care, Automotive, Food Products, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Light Industrial
Machine Platforms
Shuttle platform extrusion blow molding
Bekum, Battenfeld Fischer, Automa, Technie, B&W, Hayssen
Reciprocating screw Blow molding machines
Uniloy, Davis Standard, Liberty, Rocheleau
Wheel machines
Graham, Urola, Consolidated, Willmington
Injection stretch blow molds
Nissei PF8-4B, Nissei 70DPW
Kautex and Uniloy Milacron
Customized program development
At Fidelity Tool we are not a same-same blow mold builder. We are dedicated to creating and maintaining value added incentives to what we offer our customers. Developing specialty programs to fit our customers' needs allow us to be more aggressive on cost, better manage shorter lead time requirements, increase efficiencies and improve quality.
Mold maintenance service
Fidelity Tool maintains a high level of maintenance services under one roof. Our experienced mold builders provide exceptional repair and refurbishment services that compliments their individual talents. Aggressive service and competitive prices allow us to be among the very best in the business.
Rapid prototype services
Fidelity Tool developed a Rapid prototype program back in 1996 that is still growing strong today. We maintain custom platforms with our customers allowing the greatest flexibility. Quick turn and aggressive price ranges help get real blow molded products into our customer hands quickly at modest investment numbers.
Innovation and development
At Fidelity Tool we are always looking for better and more efficient ways to build value for our customers. In 2006 we developed MPL (Multi Parting line technology) which has virtually doubled the output of conventional machines. Development and research continues on many programs that we will launch in the future. Our company is dedicated to continue searching for better and more innovative ways to produce our products.
25th Anniversary Seal
Made with Pride in the USA